Sponsor A Teddy Bear+Book for $15

Sponsor A Teddy Bear+Book for $15

Help us provide 100 Bears + Books PER MONTH to meet demand for our kids packs in the safe houses
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  • The I Got Your Back Packs convey a message of support and solidarity to women and children - often when they need it the most. I am so proud of the team for all the effort they have put into creating such a useful and practical support for women and children and would like to extend my deep gratitude for their passionate and thoughtful contribution that supports the work we do.

    - Lucy-Safehouse Manager

  • ... To be able to give them a special gift that is just for them that shows them that someone is thinking of them is fantastic. The children are often on edge and unsure what to expect and to give them a wee backpack they can call their own with special gifts in it goes a long way towards helping them feel like the safe house is a safe and ok place for them to be. It is heart warming for us to know that there are groups out there that understand, respect and support the journeys that our clients are on.

    - Bianca - Assistant Manager: Battered Women's Refuge

  • It was so cool to come into the room and find this beautiful bag full of goodies on the bed just for me, it made me feel like wow someone did that for me. It really brought tears to my eyes I felt quite special.

    - Client A

  • I was so worried coming into the safe house as I hadn’t had a lot of time to grab stuff for the kids. It was such a worry off my mind for the kids to be given those back packs each so they at least had a few things of their own.

    - Client B

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